Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Nick debate...

Clif from Outside The Tent stopped by to comment on the Nick issue and he is correct, while slavery was one of the issues, it was not the only one. That was the context of my post and what I sent in to Nick. I am fine with the true history of anything coming out, I didnt say that slavery wasnt part of it, I just said it wasn't the only issue. As far as correcting textbooks and other sources of information, they are not currently targeted where my child will be watching/listening. I would want her to truly understand whatever she studies and make her own decisions.

I also want to make sure that to whoever is reading through knows, "David" in the comments section is not the same person as I.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Army, Marines miss recruiting goals again

In talking to the young people of today, this doesnt suprise me at all. The fact that the mainstream media and others constantly paint the US as the wrongdoer and only report the worst possible news coming out of the conflict areas will continue to encourage this trend. When I signed up for the US Army back in 1990 it was before Iraq invaded for the first time. I shipped off to basic training in July and I believe it was in August that Saddam made his play. You should have heard the crying and moaning from the recruits in basic who only came into the military for the college money and had no sense of what the military is or means to serve. I remember one recruit in particular who was in my platoon that was trying to deliberately injure his knee so he could get out now. I know he eventually made it through and that really is a shame because I can only hope that he didnt endanger anyone he served with in the future with such a lack of character.

Kids today have a sense of privledge that is just off the charts. My own wife who I love dearly has no concept of service to others in the sense it takes to serve in the military. She is 28 and doesn't understand why I get choked up in certain movies or TV shows that feature the bonds that develop with your fellows in the military, and it does no good to explain it to her because she will never understand because, before our daughter arrived it was a very priviliged life she led. Most kids today come from the same mold, I believe.

Is there a chance that someone will get hurt in military service? Absolutely, but the same can be said of firemen or policemen. It is about having the character to stand up and say I will be responsible. We continue as a society to shift responsibility from the individual to anything else that can be thought of, so why would today's kids grow up to have the strength to character to stand up and commit.

Army, Marines miss recruiting goals again

Getting Something Off My Chest

Ok enough is a enough. Since I work from home, and am project based I get tons of time to look over newsfeeds and see who is talking about what. I found this today on Michelle Malkin's blog which I just recently became a fan of.

The article was disturbing enough to make me want to have a space where I could discuss it on my own also. I have a daughter who LOVES to watch Nick even though we have been limiting what she watches on it in favor of other things like playing in the park. The fact that I think Nick does a pretty decent job of teaching some things to my child with its repetitive nature, makes it even more upsetting. Some things are just to complicated to present in a 50-second time frame. The Alamo is one of those things, and to boil it down to a "slavery dispute" is outrageous. I'm not sure what they were thinking about, but perhaps they should leave these kind of complicated issues to others in the medium that will take the time to explore them with a little more depth....