Friday, June 17, 2005

A Soldiers Wish For His Son

Saw this over on Beth's blog about a NRO story on CPT. Guenther wish to not be used by someone for propaganda purposes should something happen to him. From first link I thought it was just a stand for something but from reading the full story on the NRO site, I see he has a reason that is far beyond himself.

He has a four year old son, and should something happen to him, he doesn't want his son to ever see his name tied to something that his father would never agree to. While I do not know of any list that this soldier could put his name on, nor if it would ever have the effect he wishes, I urge him to write letters to his son everyday if he could. Telling him of the things he is doing, of his regret at being pulled away from his family but that the things he is doing is making a difference.

Send them to his son and have his wife save them for him should anything happen to him. I would still save them even when he gets home safely, and discuss it with his son when he is older, to give a true first hand account of what happened. Not something that might be taught by someone else.

I hope for the safety of CPT. Guenther and I wish him speedy return to his family.

Chi Trib coverage is a gloss over

After following a link from Michelle Malkin I saw the article at the Chicago Tribune on Sen. Durbin's comments and the outrage that has been caused by it.

As Michele mentioned the piece turned into a fluff work about how great Sen. Durbin is and how he is just a down to earth guy like the rest of us. How much farther could this be from the truth, just from his comments and his inability to take responsibility for his words.

I understand his opposition to Gitmo and he has every right to it as every other American does. One thing the senator should realize is that he is a United States Senator and his words can be used as weapons. In his wish to make a damning soundbite to be used to rally his party, he has also given ammunition to fan more American hatred around the world. When others pick up those soundbites, they won't play the context game that Sen. Durbin is now engaged in. They will use those soundbites to fan the flames of hatred even more.

The Democratic leadership seem to think that nothing they say has any consequence to soldiers that are already putting themselves on the line. They need to take a reality check and realize that the words they use are weapons that extend beyond the senate floor.

As a constituent of Sen Durbins, I am outraged that my representative has made these claims and still refuses to accept responsibility beyond the context game. I urge you as I did to contact his office to express your displeasure if you are in IL.

Comparisons like this cheapen the history of true horrors that were committed.