Sunday, June 19, 2005

More on recruiting....

In a post over on Soldiers For The Truth David DeBatto talks more in depth about the cultural shift of the recruiting problem. I touched on the fact that I don't think the youth of today understand or feel the need to pay back the country that gives them their freedoms, but I didn't even talk about the fact that most of their parents would be the cause for this. When I enlisted in the military it was my own decision one I didn't even discuss with my father. Looking back on that it might have been because my father had been a protester and still held a large chip on his shoulder about "the man" or having anything to do with government.

On the other hand my dads father, was a decorated veteran of WWII and a Chicago police officer for 32 years, and he was immensely proud of my joining and accomplishments in the Army. My father and I on the other hand rarely talked during that time in my life, something I will always be sorry for. A year after I left the Army my father passed away from cancer.

It is a good read about some of the issues that recruiting faces, and where it may lead the military in the future.