Monday, August 21, 2006

How to balance?

Seeing that I only do consulting more on the side now that my own projects have taken a priority and I am inhouse for a E-Commerce company I am wondering what to do with a specific client. The client initally had me do some competitive research and analysis for one of thier rivals for a lawsuit. Also I was going to do work on thier site but that has taken a back burner for the legal action. This is also one of my lowest paying clients as they were the first before I really got my payscale finalized and when I did bill them at this reduced rate they were almost 3 months behind in paying it.

Now that said client has brought the account back into standing, there is another project they want me to work on. This is almost a headache level work for me, but I could use the income to fund other projects as long as I can get paid. Perhaps I will require a prepayment of at least 50% of the first 3 months fees. Honestly right now I dont even want to deal with it.


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