Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Google Adwords Seminar - Chicago

Just got down with the Intermediate Session of the Google Sponsored Adwords Seminar in Chicago led by Brad Geddes.

I have been doing Adwords for around 3 years so a lot of what was covered in the intermediate session was a bit basic, but the crowd seems to be mostly do it yourselfer Adword people and a few agency types. I was kind of surprised some of the basic questions that were coming from agency types talking about their clients. If I found out someone was handling my account that didn't know these basic principals I would want a refund ;)

Brad is very good at what he does. He is well spoken and clearly answers questions. The does seem to have a Google slant which isn't surprising since this is Google sponsored. In talking about some of the Quality score indicators, he takes a clear Google line, but I have found some disagreement in some of his statements, compared to my own testing and what others have shared.

The first session ran long because of the questions but I believe he is going to cover any missed sections during the next phase of the training. This is supposed to be the Advanced session so I look forward to it because Brad knows his topic well, even if I do think he isn't sharing everything based on the sponsorship :)

The venue is very cool and original and I applaud the choice of location. The Catalyst Ranch is a fun vibrant place with exceptional breakfast/snack bar. I urge anyone needing space in the downtown Chicago area to use them.

Google loot consists of a branded 256MB USB drive and Google pen.

Well write more after the second session!


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