Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Google Adwords Seminar - Chicago Part II

Second part of the seminar was to cover "advanced" adwords topics. Problem was that the morning seminar ran long, so we spent an hour of the afternoon session on that. It showed that some of the subjects were rushed through during the second session. Brad had to pick what topics to stay on point with and which ones to gloss over, I was willing to stay late to cover everything, but no everyone is as dedicated ;) Ok the real reason is I could see traffic from the window, and even if I left I wasn't going anywhere lol.

The advanced topics that were covered was done well, specifically the tie in between adwords & analytics. The other discussion that would be worth the cost of admission was the methodology of split testing for the ads and how to conduct the test. It also gave good ideas for the amount of data to collect to get something of statistical value.

All in all I was pleased with the seminar, being that it was the first for Brad I believe that the time management issues will be overcome in the later dates. Brad was available after class and in between sessions to answer everyones questions that didnt want to speak up during the session.

Google Adwords Seminar - Chicago

Just got down with the Intermediate Session of the Google Sponsored Adwords Seminar in Chicago led by Brad Geddes.

I have been doing Adwords for around 3 years so a lot of what was covered in the intermediate session was a bit basic, but the crowd seems to be mostly do it yourselfer Adword people and a few agency types. I was kind of surprised some of the basic questions that were coming from agency types talking about their clients. If I found out someone was handling my account that didn't know these basic principals I would want a refund ;)

Brad is very good at what he does. He is well spoken and clearly answers questions. The does seem to have a Google slant which isn't surprising since this is Google sponsored. In talking about some of the Quality score indicators, he takes a clear Google line, but I have found some disagreement in some of his statements, compared to my own testing and what others have shared.

The first session ran long because of the questions but I believe he is going to cover any missed sections during the next phase of the training. This is supposed to be the Advanced session so I look forward to it because Brad knows his topic well, even if I do think he isn't sharing everything based on the sponsorship :)

The venue is very cool and original and I applaud the choice of location. The Catalyst Ranch is a fun vibrant place with exceptional breakfast/snack bar. I urge anyone needing space in the downtown Chicago area to use them.

Google loot consists of a branded 256MB USB drive and Google pen.

Well write more after the second session!